Epson P600, A DTF work horse. Extremely rare printers.

Epson P600, A DTF work horse. Extremely rare printers.

Epson's 13 Inch wide printer, includes *1/2 liter of Ink per color CMYK+ W, 75 sheets of film and 1 lb of powder. Limited support during installation and or an upgrade of remote support provided for a fee of $45.00 per hour. As a reminder, this is a DIY printer. You should have basic use and knowledge of this printer before you make the purchase as I do not have the time to hold your hand and or walk you through filling up your cartridges and why is there a bottle connected to my printer... Moral of the story, is Don't be a Lori  aka Printer Karen who had no clue what a waste ink reset was? Intermediate knowledge of Epson printers is required. You will have to do the work to install and get your printer working and or this includes self-troubleshooting.

The update in price occurred to to the limit of the P600 world wide. The printer is just becoming more difficult to find. Conversion and ajusting the performance of the printer is on your part.

This has to be one of Epson’s best printers that they have ever produced. This printer if maintained properly has the potential to print upward of 80,000 prints or more.

LiveEventPrinting has plenty of Epson P600’s in stock as they are coming in each week on a daily basis from across the nation and the world. We now have a very limited amount in stock as in the single digits. How time has flown. Honestly, we would recommend that customers choose one of our other printers, the Epson R3000, Epson 3800, 3880, or the P800 for DTF printing. The Epson P600 is a troublesome printer for DTF. So again, we only provide the printers for NEW customers who understand the heartache of the P600. Honestly, this should remain a Photographic Printer. However, for those with the courage and patience, this printer can go a long ways with headaches.

Just a reminder that shipping is not included in the upfront purchase as we have no way of knowing the estimated cost. Once we are ready to ship, we will notify you for payment which will produce a 2nd payment for shipping. Our average build time is 3-4 weeks and this is not including shipping delays due to COVID-19. Any discounts withheld by the merchant account company are to be paid by the buyer. Best to use our PayPal and send as a friend to or email Heather, she can be reached at

This is an expensive business and we running at very thin margins and we have to keep every dollar to maximize your purchase. Thus, paying fees on top of fees is something we would rather not deal with, IF we do not have too.

Standard refillable cartridges are included if in stock and are not included in different printer models. You’re required to buy your own refillable cartridges at

High capacity ink cartridges available upon request for a fee. Rip not included and is an additional fee. We have several RIPS to get you going. Some that are downloadable and some that are driven by a dongle.

Please visit our Software page to select your rip. 

Get your order in today so that you will not be waiting for two months.

Also, please be advised, there are no refunds after you place your order. These printers new in the box are extremely rare and are out of stock world wide.

We do have slightly used units when available. Inks are 500 ml upfront and 500ml in thirty days as there is a shipping delay in the products from Belgium. Shipping is running nearly 25 days into the USA.

We offer limited parts replacement for a fee of shipping and an hourly repair rate if we have the time. You are responsible if your print head blows, or if your motherboard is fried due to user error.

A signed form releasing from printer malfunctions due to user error or lack of use will be required prior to sending out the unit. This waiver is from print head failures, head strikes, lack of use causing a fuse to blow in the motherboard...

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