DTF RIP SOFTWARE Supplies Click each photo to visit the rips specific page.

We offer several different rip software in the order of what we think has its perfect setting in the rip software zoo. Click each image to visit the software's description page.

Let's get started, our Favorite is AcroRip V10.2 which is a non-pirated, non-problematic rip and a great option in the very affordable price.  This rip is for the beginner to intermediate printer.

Here at LiveEventPrinting, we offer the best price for Acrorip V10 in the market and we know how to support the rip. Once again, this is the best Rip set up for the beginner to intermediate printer. 

Our Live Event Printing Premier RIP. POWERRIP DTF is a very unique rip giving the printer the complete control over white layer.

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PowerRIP DTF was developed for Direct To Film printers using Epson printers. The 8 color Epson Sure Color P600, and soon the SC P800. The Epson Stylus Photo R3000 and this group of 6 color Epson printers using the Epson Artisan 1430, Stylus Photo 1500W, Stylus Photo 1400/1410/1390 and the bulk ink L1800.
The software offers the ability to drive multiple printers from a single RIP and has automatic white underbase with advanced controls. Version 6 now available for PC supporting Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP 32/64 bit versions. FREE Support including DEMOs

We are offering this ACRORIP V10.2 at this price for a few lucky people.

Let’s continue...

ONLY $375 plus $10.00 Shipping. Please Be Advised that ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

CADlink RIP Version 10 DTF Version : CADlink DigitalFactory Version 10 for DTF Printers (Epson L1800, P600 and more). BE advised, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, WE OFFER NO REDUNDS! 



Next is on the affordability list of Rips is EK RIP at $495.00 during this introductory time. Training videos provided. 

Please Be Advised that ALL SALES ARE FINAL

Kothari Rip @ $925.00 Click the photo to visit the page and we have staff that are Kothari masters. 

Please Be Advised that ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

Standard disclaimer is that I do not offer refunds or returns of RIP SOFTWARE so talk it over with the God's or the many voices that you're discussing with as if one rip may not work for your printer, but another will.
Obviously, our main goal is your happiness, however, changing your mind because you picked a rip that you didn't read our page about... not happening here.

We have a rip that fits your need.

DISCLAIMER Because of the high level of charge-backs from Outside of the USA, any orders not in the USA will go through a 30-day Hold prior to shipping.

We apologize and this MUST be done to protect ourselves from Software thieves.

You are hereby notified that all sales outside of the USA are on hold for a duration of 30 days for our protection.

Also, sales that generate a Shopify notice of potential fraud are investigated thoroughly a will require the buyer to submit their current Identification and or driver's license. All data must match, e.g. shipping address must match current driver's license and or identification.

Installation of the dongle will happen via remote-log in by our technicians.

Below is a list of software thieves that we have dealt with and their addresses.