DTF INK and Supplies

Welcome to our DTF INKS and SUPPLIES page. Here you will find the best prices on Hot peel inks and Film and DTF RIP Software sold with valid licenses.

We offer mulitple supplies to our dealers and partners. Since we are partnered with the source and or the manufacturer, we do not pay a brokers fee or a middle man fee.

Our prices are the absolute best that there are because the ink and film manufacturer are OUR PARTNER. We found that working directly with our manufacturers or builders that our price is nearly the cost of production because of good relationships. Good people do exist and we offer you HOT PEEL INK, POWDER,  FILM and DTG AND DTF RIP SOFTWARE.

Heather founded this business in her father's honor to help you grow your business in the love of printing. Thus, she offers her dealers exceptional pricing on what we feel the is the best ink, film and software in the world.

This page will be updating daily.

Live Event Printing currently offer 24” rolls, 16 inch wide rolls, 12.58 inch rolls, and multiple sheet sizes from A3 size up to 24” X 18” sheets.

Place your ink orders with LiveEventPrinting,com and be assured that you have the finest production of printing you will encounter.

Buy your DTF SOFTWARE RIP with valid licenses and fast shipping and the best prices in the nation.

We also wan to remind you to buy a good heat press and not an Amazon knock-off or a HPN clamshell.

You can place your order for ink, Powder, film and software by clicking our ink and supply page or the photos below to go to their direct pages..

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