Attorney for Leasing Rates and Business Negotiations

 Our retained attorney handles any and all legal case or cases concerning our company with equipment leasing rates for New England, and also New York. She handles all arbitration, disputes, potential charge-backs, copyright infringement situations since we do print for many businesses. We have clients who are using upwards of 10 printers per location. If you have a need for multiple printers, we can arrange a leasing program in New England and NY.

For businesses that qualify for leasing, we want to charge a reasonable and fair leasing program for us both that are within the boundaries of state regulations. Our goal is to keep fees far below the maximum interest rate allowed by law in NY and New England, but we ave to make a profit. This is where the expertise of the law offices come into place.

Not only this, but Be aware that charging back any transaction causing financial loss will get you sued. Theft in business is a financial mistake that you don’t want to entertain, and neither do we. We just don’t have the time or patience.

The attorney helps prevent businesses from committing theft of service, delinquency of payments, charge-back theft by business owners or individuals against Live Event Printing LLC., and or it’s officers. This really happens and it is unfortunate. However, we must protect our assets and do so in a friendly way. merchant theft will not be tolerated.

We will push for civil litigation, recovery of lost fees, recovery of financial damages. You will pay for attorney costs, potentially face criminal charges for theft or charge-back reversals.  In the event that you reverse billing, your card may reverse funds, but that’s not the end of the story. We will seek prosecution and financial damages through the work of our legal partners.

If you’re in New York or New England, I know a great attorney.