LEP 17 Inch 10-Channel Printer

The most powerful & intelligent DTF printer in the 17-inch line up of any DTF printers.

The LEP 10-channel Printer is packed with a powerful 10-channel print head with 360 nozzles allowing for ink configuration of CMYK+WW+ a Florescent line up of colors, Green, Pink, Yellow, Red.

Perhaps you'd just like to print CMYK + WW and save 4 channels for options in the future.

A powerful pump pushes the ink through the lines and the printhead. This is a huge benefit over the Epson 8-channel 17-inch printers that have 180 nozzle print heads.

This unit competes and even out performs any Chinese printer in the 17 inch to 24 inch printers.

The ability to rearrange a print head or if you lose a channel to a clog, you can turn off that channel and activate a reserved channel. This is what makes this printer so amazing. The ability to add or turn off channels in the print head is a game changer.