LEP 6000




The newest Live Event Printing 6000 is an incredible purchase

 more details are being added today.

4.5 X faster than an Epson P800. 

Print head has 360 nozzles and 10 channels. With our LEP RIP you can expect speeds that are 4 times faster than the best desktop Epsom DTF printers. This printer is ready to go out of the box after a few modifications.

The game changes today. BUY now while the introductory price is available.

13, 17 and 24 inch powder shakers are available. We advise using a 24 inch Vvastest Conveyor dryer for maximum results when not using a powder shaker,

 Just so you know, this industrial printer has a spit box and can print continually making the LEP 6000 a powerful tool in your printing or transfer business. This printer is nearly 3 Xs faster than an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 or 7880.