Our Story


LiveEventPrinting (LEP) prints a multitude of items, live and on-the-spot, from Hoodies, Mugs, Photo Prints and tees, glass prints...all at your event.

LEP is unlike all other screen printing companies in Boston or the United States as we strive to maintain a 100% Vegan business. Screen printers who use emulsion are NOT Vegan and nor are the Cruelty free. The Inks they use may be, and we emphasize they may be as some inks use gelatin. However, that being said, the companies use Emulsion that contains a byproduct of gelatin that allows the pork to harden in the emulsion allowing the negative to bond with the mesh,

Live Event Printing is a 100% VEGAN certified business and we do not use discharge inks, emulsions and or animal products in our entire printing process. We take the way less traveled by and we spend more money to stay 100% vegan. This is generally why our shirt printing process actually will cost more than the local screen printer who uses pork in emulsions. 

We do not use DISCHARGE inks either which are damaging to our environment. We strive for the highest standards of ethical treatment of animals and we refuse any inks or chemicals that have gelatin or any animal byproduct. 


We print on ball caps, sport jerseys, uniforms, dinner plates, promotional items... Think about it, Your image or logo on mugs, tumblers, thermals, koozies, keychains, name tags, button and badges, license plates, stunning metal photographic prints and much more. We print on over 1,150 items live at your event. We specialize in high definition photography printing.

We offer direct to fabric prints/ DTF and for large orders, we will screen print up to 8 colors. However, screen printing is really not affordable for a small 1-24 shirt print.

With watching over 200 hours of instructional videos on youtube from India about rebuilding printers, Our staff learned how to convert inkjet printers into the most powerful printing source in the world, a Direct to Fabric printer and DTG printing, which is now obsolete.

 Live Event Printing is the only printer in the north east region who actually builds Direct To Garment Printers and DTF printers... However, we are no longer offering builds for Direct To Garment printers.

A reminder that We will also come to your event and print live. Not all events are a fit for Live Event Printing and if the availability is open and the match-up is right, Live Event Printing will be the unforgettable attraction at your event. Take a photo and our staff will print the photo live on over 1,150 items right there in front of your customer. We would absolutely enjoy putting together a print-to-profit plan just for your business or school event.