We have 13", 24", & 44" Powder Shakers ready to ship out. These items are shipped via freight.

Let's start with the 13 Inch LIVE EVENT PRINTING POWDER SHAKER (Click the picture to visit the page.)



13 INCH LEP POWDER SHAKER ( all shakers Ship in 3-5 days) after freight is arranged and funds have settled.

24 inch LEP powder Shaker $4950.00

13 INCH VERSION 2 POWDER SHAKER/ Built IN HVAC, vacuum for film. In stock ready to ship.

PRICE $5750 Pair it with our LEP 8 for only $1500.00. Print 13" on a roll into the Dryer, or print larger cut sheets 13" up to 23.5. This is perfect for our 17" DTF Printer as well.


24in LEP Entry Level Automatic TPU Adhesive Powder Shaker and Dryer Machine with Touch Screen


Price $4950 

LEP PLUS 24in High Speed Automatic DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer with Vacuum Absorption Conveying Platform and Touch Screen
Price $5995