File a Warranty Claim

On this page, you can file a warranty claim, and or reach out to our techs for technical assistance.

Technical assistance is a standard $75.00 per-hour via video call, and with a minimum of two hour blocks.

Warranty repairs can be arranged. You may ship your printer back to us for repair and ship it back to you at your own cost both ways. A few of our customers have brought their own unit for repair.

To continue the warranty, inks/supplies must be continually ordered from LEP must be used in the printer. There are no exceptions to this requirement. We cannot afford to service a printer whilst you use consumables from another company.

Any ink that is not authorized by LEP will result in loss of warranty options. The only inks and supplies that are authorized are inks purchased in our website.  We can usually track this as a complete 5 liter set of ink in the average business is purchased around 1 time every two months. If this hasn't been done, we automatically assume that you've used ink and supplies from another supplier, thereby limiting the warranty altogether.

Should this be the case and it is easily shown by the average print count in the printer to date vs the print count during the delivery. Be assured that we will verify and match up with ink consumption based on printer usage..

The Printer must be properly crated and boxed for shipping. If you’re using a freight company, box accordingly as LEP is not responsible for damaged during transport.. Under our warranty program, if the requirements are followed, and if purchased for $3,000.00 per year, LEP covers cost of parts and repair but you still cover shipping and delivery both ways. If you have used other supplies during your warranty period, you've cancelled the warranty. However this being stated, we will still repair your printer at the cost of parts and labor.

Please download and fill out the request form and email it to