LEP 8 & 10 Printer Lease


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Prime Program: supply ink, with ongoing maintenance support
Basic Program: does not include ongoing maintenance support
Prime and Basic Program do not include the Vastex Dryer of either sizes.

Programs do not include Down payments. Must have a storefront business and be in operation for 2 years minimum. OAC, We allow exceptions of options under certain conditions depending upon the business history. 

Be sure to email Info@liveeventprinting.com


We have no lease option outside of New England. Your printer and or dryer must be purchased and paid in full prior to shipment.

E PSON IS a registered trademark and Live Event Printing is in no way affiliated with Epson.

However,  LEP is a certified repair center for Epson  commercial printer repairs, we repair E pson photographic printers. We purposely spelled “E pson” this way so that it Bounces the online bots.

Think about this, You just need to print 30 photos a day with this printer. Photos aka transfers sell @ $8.00 per transfer for your shirt customer.

That's $240.00 a day in revenue. Do this 3 times a week and you've made money hand over fist. Just at that small amount of daily prints, you will generate $2,880.00 in profit per month. However, that being said, this is the absolute low end of the performance. This printer has the capacity to print 35+ transfers at up to,2880 X 1440 resolution per hour. That's a profit of $240.00 per hour. This printer can run 24/7 non-stop due to the efficient spit box allowing the print head to release the excess build-up of ink from the head while printing. How much $ could you earn if you were to print 30 transfers per hour for 5 hours daily? This would earn over $1,200.00 per day. We have customers doing just this. Customers print $30,000.00 worth of transfers for their tees monthly.

Why are the PRINTERS limited in worldwide stock?

The Largest printer manufacturer in the world has discontinued the production of the printers several years ago. LEP has built up stock over the years.

Besides the stock we have in our possession and the stock our friend Mclaud has, there are no more of these printers that can be bought which have been refurbished by the largest print manufacturer in the world. The United States of America has been purposely depleted of the supply. The supplier has discontinued the production of these units. They are in fact, extinct.

There are no more except what can be salvaged out there here and there. LEP and our friends MT have acquired the rest of the units in the nation. If you can find a unit out there, We will buy it from you to refurbish the unit and get the unit in production.

This process is very costly. Many of the 2nd hand printers must be serviced, print heads replaced, the codes must be reset using E pson software. This software is not WIC Reset or a basic E pson adjustment program. The software must be run by an E pson technician. To repair some of the printers is extremely expensive. 

Covid-19 has changed the industry for years to come. These LEP printers are simply,  amazing printers purchased in America. Why do you ask? The printers are very easy to set up and use, unlike the Chinese imported units. The LEP printers are simple to operate, the parts are readily available and we have enough in stock to supply businesses in New England.

The newest Live Event Printing 24” and 44” 8 & 10 channel DTF printers are an incredible Lease option, either as a stand-alone-printer or our printer-dryer combo. It is the perfect solution for any company wanting a fast DTF printer with parts that are readily available and very easy to maintain as our technician can be anywhere in New England in just a few hours. Service technician fees apply. Our leases are for 1 or 2 years and have options that include service and options that include partial service and repair for an hourly fee plus parts.

 What about speed and quality?

The LEP is a readily fast printer with 360 nozzles and 8 channels. When paired with The proper software for 24-inch printers you are able to print 30+ 12" X 12" transfers per hour at the highest resolution setting of 2880 X 1440. It all depends upon the quality you’re after.

With the LEP Printers, You are able to print all mixture of colors at a resolution of 2880 X 1440. The imported Chinese printers 4, 6, 8 pass is a resolution of only 720 X 720. They seem fast and they are, but you will suffer in quality and have many nightmares as the units are just hard to maintain. We know, we have sold over 63 LEP Printer units to several very capable printers who own Chinese imported units.

For those who want amazing photographic prints on shirts or canvas or any fabric, don't forget wood... The LEP is the perfect printer for your photographic needs. You can simply blow people away with the resolution and color matching capability.

This LEP printer is ready-to-go out of the box. When you lower the resolution of the LEP printer to 720 x 720, you're printing fast. This printer does not have the problematic 1-week set-up, complicated wiring, the headaches of what's wrong with my printer, and all the other headaches needed to start printing.
With the LEP printer, you are able to start printing DTF ink photos in just a few cleanings. 

The game changes today.

We have 13, 17 and 24-inch powder shakers are available for a different price than listed on the website. We have nothing for 44-inch shakers yet.

Does LEP have a dryer or heater shaker?
Live Event Printing is an authorized Vastex dealer and we advise using a D100 or D1000 or a Big Red Vastex Conveyor dryers for maximum results when not using a powder shaker.

Just so you know, this industrial printer has a spit box and can print non-stop daily. The printers were made for 24 hours non-stop production. This makes the LEP 24 or 44-inch printer a powerful tool in your printing or transfers business. 

The LEP 24 & 44-inch printers are so much faster than the speed of the common 24-inch 7800 or 7880. We currently have 58  7800s and 26 7880s. While these units are not new or refurbished, the 7800 and 7880's are perfectly working printers that can print around 10 full-size 12" x 12" transfers per hour. These printers are more capable than any desktop printer. These are twice as fast as a Mutoh Valuejet 628.

There are several rips on our website that work with 24-inch printers with 8 or 10 channels. The amazing thing is that if a channel does happen to clog, you can buy a new print head... OR, you can disable a channel and use another channel. You can also print just as fast with 3 white channels. The printers are simply amazing. With 10 channels to select from, you're still blazing faster than using a 7880 or any 13 or 17 desktop Printer out there.

The LEP 24 inch DTF printer is fast and simple to set up and it doesn’t take 10 hours or 3 days to set up and start printing. Fill up your cartridges with DTF ink and go.

The LEP 24 inch printer Compared to other Chinese printers is a no-Brainer. The Chinese printers are great printers that require hours to set up and around $15k and 210 volts wiring. Using the LEP 24-inch printer, there is not the 12 hour-setup or the exhausting troubleshooting that you may encounter with a Chinese printer. It’s the perfect option for any photographic printer.

The LEP 24 inch printer series supports 8.5" rolls, 13", 15", 17", and 24" roll media-film. The 44-inch printers support the same size rolls. 

DELIVERY IN NEW ENGLAND *fee required. The Software rip is a secondary purchase.

On our leasing program, the supplies and RIP working with our LEP8 or 10, and the  24” or 44” series of printers are purchased from OUR WEBSITE. 

Under the leasing program, Live Event Printing LLC., retains the right to remove the printer at any time due to non-payment of lease and or unauthorized use of materials. We simply want to preserve the printers well into the future.

 SHIPPING NOTICE: DELIVERY IN NEW ENGLAND AREA only *delivery fee required. Outside of New England, you must pick up your unit at our Boston, MA location or work out an option for LEP to drive the printer(s) to your location. LEP will group your printer in for delivery with other business owners.

FYI, shipping or delivery WILL BE CALCULATED and charged to you AFTER THE Agreement is signed and requirements met. THERE IS NO WAY FOR US TO KNOW THE SHIPPING PRICE. THUS, SHIPPING WILL BE A SECONDARY TRANSACTION and must be paid to continue support.

CadLink or a working rip must be purchased from our website and as all supplies to receive support.

(For those who've purchased a printer from Live Event Printing LLC.,) Do not call us to ask how do I install inks, insert film, how do I solve rip issues, my colors are muted, why is there banding…? Why are my nozzle checks not correct or how do I  set up CadLink or Acrorip on the LEP8 or 10 printers? We have many videos online to assist you, but during delivery, we can set the unit up and do basic training.

For those who have purchased printers, either E pson or our Asia E pson P6000, Self-installation negates any purchased warranty from LiveEventPrinting.com and or its affiliates, partners, and or investors. If an error is made or the printer is rendered disabled due to self-troubleshooting or user operator error, or act of God, Live event Printing is free from obligation to support or maintain the printer.



Once the printer is leased under the New England leasing program, the Warranty provisions are as follows, parts are warrantied for 1 year, with the print head warrantied for 30 days. During this time, such time should 
FAILURE OCCUR, LEP will pay for a new print head and install it for you during the first 30 days. 

These printers are sold or leased AS PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTERS which are either brand new, refurbished, and or tested units (AS WORKING UNITS AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY with passing nozzle checks performed by an Authorized Service Technician).

The printer is confirmed working perfectly by a print-out of the nozzle check which was or will be taped to the top of the printer right before delivery.

Under the New England REPAIR PERSON, Paul, Brother Earnest, or Heather will do the repair on-spot.

The lessee is responsible for bringing or shipping the printer back to LEP at the buyer's expense. LEP is not liable for any shipping damages and or poor packaging by the customer, trucking damages, or acts of God.

Each case is unique and specific to the function of the printer. We can always dispatch our technician to your location. 

We want to have you printing non-stop and we understand that like any printer out there, stuff happens.

Simply Leasing the printer and buying supplies does not include installation, set up, or detailed training or delivery. 

If you install the inks in the printer yourself, you are fully responsible for any issues with the printer that is caused by self-install, or damage by accidents, acts of God, operator errors, parts failures. In essence, any purchased warranty ends at this point that you self-install the printer). You could’ve had a power outage and or a breaker flip? You may still purchase replacement parts from Live Event Printing unless you've bought the unit outright.

This learning process this process can be extremely confusing to you the printer. However,  our staff is there to assist during the setup.

A $1,500.00 fee is charged for training and rip expertise and this fee does not include flight and expenses and will most likely take 1-to-2 solid days of training before you comprehend the usage of the rip and printer knowledge. You are responsible to pay for airfare, car rental, and hotel.

For those who have purchased a unit-
To continue the warranty, you will purchase your supplies from LiveEventPrinting.com. 

LEP warranty process is as follows For those who were fortunate to purchase a printer.

LEP offers Limited Warranty: Our limited warranty excludes components that come in contact with ink and or cleaning solution.

So this means that the ink system, printhead, and capping station are not covered under our limited replacement program. 

The customer is responsible for shipping charges to have the printer repaired by LEP’s service technician.

The Printer Must be sent in original packaging and or driven back to our shop.

LEP is not responsible for shipping damage due to poor packaging.

Customers may self-install warranty parts, however, LEP  is not responsible for damage caused during self-repair.  If you damage your printer, you’ve damaged one of the last available units in the USA.

Comprehensive Warranty: This covers the whole printer including the printhead and ink system.

If you have errors, clogging or any other issue, you may send the printer to LEP at your expense for repair back to working condition or you the customer can self-install the provided parts.

The customer is responsible for shipping charges in both directions to have the printer repaired by LEP’s service technician in Boston, MA.

The Printer Must be sent in original packaging, LEP is not responsible for shipping damage due to poor packaging.

Comprehensive Warranty has a policy abuse limit.  We will not replace more than 1 printhead per year.

Any printheads after 1 will be paid for by the customer including shipping charges.

All defective parts replaced under warranty must be shipped back to LEP in Boston, MA at the customer's expense.

BY PURCHASING IN THE NEXT STEP YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS ABOVE and BELOW.  Your order will be fulfilled and delivered on the schedule of our technicians who deliver the printer to your location. Unless you have paid the $1500.00 training fee and the delivery fee upfront, your order will be grouped in with other customers in a 75-mile radius. These printers are driven to your location and they will not be shipped by freight.

What you the customer agree to by purchasing!

You agree that any and All arbitrations will be handled in the District Court of Framingham, MA. You agree that there are no refunds, cancellations and or changing your mind after you have leased.

In the event that you reverse billing or payments or charges and LEP suffers a reversal of funds due to a chargeback, we have immediate right and approval to pick up the printer. The next business day or the same day.

In the event of a cancellation, refund, and or denial of delivery you also agree to the paying of cost above plus $250.00 per hour to cover the delivery cost and lost time and expenses.

In the event the printer is damaged by you or accidental damage during transport, you agree to pay the fee for our service technician to restore the printer (this fee is unknown at this time but may require a full refurbishing of the printer, airfare, and hotels are required along the way to pick up the printer.)

We have spelled out the terms and conditions, so prior to purchasing, there are no refunds, cancellations, or upgrading to different equipment.  You agree that any funds LEP spent in delivering your printer and supplies will be reimbursed fully plus lost time at a rate of $250 per hour plus travel expenses and hotels.

LEP does not accept refunds, cancellations, or returns on printers that have been moved out of our shop in delivery by LEP or you.

You will need to purchase the 1-day training and set up we will schedule an exact date and time for your delivery, set up and training and delivery are not included in the training fee. Training is provided at our Braintree location.
Simply purchasing a printer does not include installation, delivery, or training.

Hands Down, these are the finest DTF printers in the industry. Easiest of Maintenance, we service the printer in New England, and the printer can print up to 2880 resolution. To our knowledge, there are no Chinese DTF printers that print above 720 X 720 Resolution. 




We have many units in stock for our leasing program. You may email info@liveeventprinting.com or feel free to call 508-318-8788

What's included with your purchase? The Purchase option does not include the same setup as the New England Lease program.

1 Liter each of CMYK + 2 White Liters 
1 Maintenance Tank + Reset Chip
1 Set Cartridges + Reset Chip
1 Lb Fine Powder
1 Film Roll 24 Inch 
30 Day print head warranty 
Limited Parts warranty (you may purchase parts from LEP and self-install). 
LEP OFFERS 1 & 2 year back-to-back warranty at the rate of $3000.00 per year. Business is responsible for shipping the printer back to our Boston address for repair.

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