This Version 10 DTF RIP by CADLINK comes with a security dongle that works with many popular Epson based DTG Printers, DTF Printers and also UV Printers.



Currently supported Printers:

    • SC-P400, L1800, L805, Epson R2000

      LEP 24 Inch Printers and 44 Inch Printers

      Audley and other 24 inch Printers


BE ADVISED, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, WE OFFER NO REFUNDS! Please consult with the many voices in your mind and get them all to agree before you click that purchase button. If you reverse BILLING we will Permanently disable your rip! Thievery will NOT be TOLERATED. We will also file a motion in Boston MA courts suing you for reversing billing and or prosecute for theft.

Cadlink no longer requires a dongle. It is a downloadable file that we will send an email to for you to install on your PC and it works with 1 printer on 1 computer.  

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