2022 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"

2022 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"

LEP 8 or the 10 is a  24" & 44"
DTF PRINTER Bundle Package,
Free 3 - Day Delivery & Set up in New England

$13,500 this week only


THE Chinese imported printers have exhausting head-alignment issues, along with electrical issues and they’re hard to maintain. Although fast, you can end up losing profit by needing a technician to maintain the printer. Our Printers are simply intelligent, easy to run, easy to maintain all the while printing 23.75” x 12” full-color graphics in 3.2 minutes at a resolution of 2880 x 1400. This is the potential to earn $200+ per hour. These printers have been refurbished and are ready to print in 3 cleaning cycles on average. Scheduled cleaning, cleaning by pairs, and Super Strong cleaning that can be set-to-clean every 1 hour, 5 hours, or your preference. 

Refurbished Commercial printer either 24" or 44" 
LEP 8 printer. 44" Printer is a different price than the listed price in the photo.
Inks include 1 Liter Each CMYK + WW
1 24" X 238 Roll of Film
1 Set of Cartridges, Maintenance tank, and corresponding resetters. 
2 pounds of DTF Rubberized Powder
1 RIP Software (Acrorip 10.5 ) included or Discount Cadlink for $1000.00 total. 
Free Delivery in New England 

30 days print head warranty

1-year Limited Warranty on printer parts (Does not include print head or parts of equipment that come in contact with ink). Parts Replacement service fee is a cost per item and at $125 per hour. To continue the warranty, inks from LEP must be used in the printer. Any ink not authorized by LEP will result in loss of warranty options.

Add $3,000.00 for a back-to-back 1 Year warranty with a maximum of 2 years optional warranty.
Warranty includes components of the Printer that come in contact with ink which includes 1 print head replacement per year for the warranty time you've purchased.

Our Technician dispatched to your location in New England only. Anywhere else in the country, the printer must be shipped to us and back to you at your expense in a crate or your vehicle. The printer must be properly packaged in a crate or protective transport carrier. Our technician will repair the unit and or replace the parts and the unit will be returned to you. To continue the warranty, Ink must be purchased and used from our website. Any ink not authorized by LEP will result in a loss of warranty. 

The printer Bundle Package (not automatically selected at checkout) includes the Vastex D100 Dryer and is added as you select options.


We will add $500.00 for the Vastex D1000 Dryer Printer Combo Sales...  


Upon purchasing and entering information in the shopping cart, any errors or hold-on funds due to missing information will result in a delay of shipment. We have financing and leasing as well.
While at the shopping cart, Upon checkout, make sure that your credentials are accurate, make sure that the CCV on your credit card is exactly matching the 3-digit number on the reverse side of your credit or debit card. Make sure that your address and phone number are entered into Shopify”s cart. 

You may always reach out to our staff for questions. 


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