2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"
2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"
2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"
2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"
2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"
2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"
2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"
2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"

2023 LEP Printer Bundle 24" & 44"


We are now PROMOTING the LEP 10 Channel Printers, thus, the price reduction of the 8-channel DTF LEP Printer.


The Certified tested printers have been certified by a technician as perfectly working units with a printed perfect nozzle check. The nozzle check is then taped to the printer and a photo has been printed to show Epson’s quality printing capability of this printer prior flushing.

LEP has ordered factory refurbished units with a new print head and pump assembly assembly as well. The Factory Refurbished units cost more than the Epson tested units.

Thus, we need to get these units OUT OF HERE as we have 300 more showing up at the rate of 25-50 units weekly. We are out of room. Our loss of space is your gain.


Certified Tested units, Perfect Nozzle Check taped to the printer, Unit tested passing requirements of approval by Epson Technicians. Cost to the buyer is in the Add cart section.

LEP CERTIFIED REFURBISHED UNIT (Meaning: Brand NEW PRINT HEAD, New Pump ASSEMBLY) cost to the buyer is in the add cart section.

NONE OF OUR COMPETITORS even do this. Our competition from Naruhosi/MCloud  ONLY sells USED PRINTERS and calls them “ Pure REFURBISHED” and there is no such phrase in the printer industry of "Pure Refurbished". This company wins against your lack of knowledge.  

LEP will provide the Epson documentation with Certification on a REFURBISHED UNIT, which is usually a purchase order of print head and electronics needed. There are no multiple discounts on this option. We just want to start you off with a new system. 

Our competitors Flat OUT LIES to you calling used units " purely REFURBISHED" and they're not.  If their claim was so, you would have a new ink selector, pump assembly, new valves, and new print head. You would have documentation on the purchased print heads directly from Epson with a serial number to the print head.  There's nothing wrong with used printers in most cases. However, to call a printer PURELY REFURBISHED when it isn't is a BOLD lie.

LIVE EVENT PRINTING is a Certified Epson repair facility and we would love for you to start with a technically NEW PRINTER that has had the most important parts of the printer replaced and certified in refurbished condition...

THIS IS THE BEST DEAL OF THE CENTURY! WE WILL NOT ALLOW Credit card sales on this transaction and will only take Zelle payments payable to Hpuglisse@yahoo.com, or our business Ca$hApp $LiveEventPrinting or cash, So since the cost is very low, we cannot afford a credit card hit on this transaction unless we pass the cost on to the buyer in other markups. Please call us for details after you have made a $2500.00 deposit by one of the methods above. Please understand, our phones are tied up. All questions have been answered, these are the best 24 inch printers in the Epson lineup allowing for unlimited refills of 3rd-party ink.

 Shipping will be calculated after the purchase usually by freight liner. Our Boston Location is available to you for training. If you would like to have one of our staff train you at your location in legal Cannabis states, there will be a $1,000.00 fee for on-site location plus airfare to location.

Pick up in Boston available any day of the week MON-FRI

  • The LEP or the Live Event Printer is an 8, or a 10-channel printer. LEP 8 or 10 is a 24" or a 44" Photographic printer that some use for Direct-to-Film printing. 10-channel CMYK+W + Florescent profiles available 4/15/22

  • DTF PRINTER Bundle Package is as follows
  • Free 3-Day Delivery & Set up in New England after the settlement of funds and arrival of consumables, if the consumables are delayed, your shipment may delay unless you’re alright waiting for the consumables. We try to get this done as soon as we can.
    • Live Event Printing is a certified Epson repair facility for photographic and or Epson printers used for Direct To Film printers. There are no other sales and repair centers like LEP anywhere in the North East. 
    •   LEP 8 & 10 Printers are Epson's MOST INTELLIGENT PRINTERS. Now we can use these Epson's for Direct to Film Printing. Here's the difference between Epson and Chinese units.
    • The Chinese imported printers have exhausting head-alignment issues, though the units can be managed along with head alignment issues, 220 v electrical requirements X 2 is required, and the printers are hard to maintain. Although the printers are fast, you can end up losing the profit you’re intending to earn by needing to hire a technician to maintain the printer. The Chinese printers have multiple print heads usually costing $1600 per print head and there are 2, 3, or 4 print heads.

    • Here are a few points on why the LEP 8 & 10 channel printers are more profitable for your business. For one, any Epson service technician can repair the printer if it’s at all needed?  They’re simple to operate, there are preset schedules for cleaning and multiple cleaning methods. You can shut down the channels and turn them off. No need to run 4 whites, just use 3, 2 or 1. Save the channels for later. 


    •   The LEP 8 & 10 channel Printers are simply intelligent, easy to run, and easy to maintain.  The Time it takes to print a 23.75” x 12” full-color graphic makes this printer the fastest alternative to Chinese-imported dtf printers.

      Most of the Chinese DTF printers can only print at 720 resolution which is 2, 4, 6, 8 pass resolution, leaving a heavy print feel. On the LEP Printer, you can lower the resolution to 720x 720, 720 X 1080, 2880... resolution
    • This is the potential to earn $200+ per hour.
    • These printers have been refurbished and are ready to print with 1 initial fill.
    • Maintenance of the printer, Scheduled cleaning, cleaning by pairs, and Super Strong cleaning can be used (super Strong cleaning is limited to a total amount of use as it can damage the print head, it is a very thorough cleaning) easy access to the print head. Standard cleaning cycles can be set-to-clean every 1 hour, 5 hours, or your preference. 


    • What is included in the purchase of a refurbished LEP Commercial printer 24" or 44" unit? The printer itself and AcroRip 10.5 or 11. There is a $50.00 upgrade to move to Acrorip 11. Use your own rip to save $.

    • Bring your own ink or use ours 1liter each of CMYK +WW consumables are not included in the printer purchase price.

    • 1 24" X 230 or 235 feet Roll of Film
    • 1 Set of Cartridges, Maintenance tank, and corresponding reset tools.
    •  2 Pounds of DTF Rubberized Powder
    • Free Delivery in New England
    • Unless a Factory refurbished printer is purchased, there are no warranty options on the print head. Print heads are a secondary purchase through Live Event Printing.
    • 1-year Limited Warranty on printer parts (Does not include print head or parts of equipment that come in contact with ink).

      The parts Replacement service fee is the cost per item and $125 per hour replacement fee. A fee is charged to prevent abuse by the printer owner. To continue the warranty, inks from LEP must be used in the printer. Any ink not authorized by LEP will loss of warranty options immediately! Your warranty fee will not be refundable.

    • On our warranty program, a Technician is dispatched to your location in New England only for a standard fee of $175.00. This fee prevents abuse by the business by having our technicians attempt to fix things that are unnecessary, like why is my nozzle check not correct, the film is scratching the head (Platen gap issue). Fee + repair fee per hour is required.
    • Anywhere else in the country, the printer must be shipped to us and back to you at your expense in a crate or your vehicle.
    • The printer must be properly packaged in a crate or protective transport carrier. Our technician will repair the unit and or replace the parts and the unit will be returned to you at your expense. To continue the warranty, Ink must be purchased and used in the printer from our website. Any ink not authorized by LEP will result in an immediate loss of warranty. 
    • The printer Bundle Package (not automatically selected at checkout) does not include the Ink, film or powder or dryer.
      The Vastex D100 or D1000 Dryer is added as you select options, the price increases. It is understood that you're buying a second piece of equipment.


    • Upon purchasing and entering information in the shopping cart, any errors or hold-on funds due to missing information will result in a delay in shipment. We have financing and this option is only in New England 


  • While at the shopping cart, and Upon checkout, make sure that your credentials are accurate, make sure that the CCV on your credit card is exactly matching the 3-digit number on the reverse side of your credit or debit card. Ensure that your address and phone number are entered into the Shopify cart accurately.

  • "Why are the printers so expensive, I Can buy an Epson P6000 for $2500." No, you can't, they're out of stock nationwide and only Amazon has them in stock for $6500.00. Also, keep in mind that the P6000 is not long-term resettable. In other words, the firmware on the USA P6000 actually locks you out of using refillable cartridges. We know, we've sold the Last 3 Asian Epson P6000 models.

    However, the LEPs are not the American Epson P6000 printers. The LEP 8 & 10 are the treasured 8 and 10 channel printers that have been discontinued long ago by Epson. They were discontinued as the printer Motherboards were built with the availability to use non-OEM ink in secondary cartridges. In other words, these printers are unlocked and the print head angle has been adjusted for DTF Printing or Photographic printing, whichever method you want to print with?

    Our supplier has increased our cost multiple times during Covid-19 and the supply cost is always fluctuating.. These are the last Epson refurbished units left in the Nation. We should know, we bought them all.

  • I'm ready to buy, What about discounts?

  • Nurses receive a discount of $200.00 as we respect your hard work.

  • Training is provided at our Boston training center. Buyer is responsible for their own travel arrangements. 

  • 1-day of on-site training at your location is available, the Airfare or car rental is provided to our staff by the buyer.
    Training at our location or yours is an additional $1,500.00 fee and our schedule may or may not have an opening immediately. Bro Earnest or staff will only travel to legal recreational and medical cannabis states. Your state must approve MA medical Cannabis cards.

    Currently employed and Non-vaccinated nurses receive a $350.00 discount as we stand with you and we respect and reward your decision to keep
    your body healthy.

  • $3500.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit by wire. The balance must be paid prior to the printer and supplies leaving or cash handed immediately upon arrival before items are unloaded. For wire use Zelle $Hpuglisse@yahoo.com  or Ca$happ $LiveEventPrinting

  • all sales are final and there are no refunds
  • SHIPPING TO BE CALCULATED AFTER PURCHASE. Outside of New England this is delivered via freight. Shipping on Vastex dryer is a $175.00 add-on.
  • Products purchased under this page are for a Printer Bundle purchase and cannot be used to purchase supplies without an LEP Printer Purchase.
  • FYI, Brother Earnest is not an owner, officer or controlling manager at Live Event Printing, therefore, he can make no discounts other than what is listed here on this page.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ76ZGU8w5M&t=10s
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