Hot Peel Film

Hot Peel Film

We have decided to change film as we feel Hot Peel film has so much coating on the film that the benifit of peeling faster is far out-wieghed by the the powder left on the roller wheels.  We will still buy from vendors in large quantities. 

I only have 24 inch rolls right now so cutting is by hand until I can figure out a perfect film for our American made DTF inks.

Some films are hand cut and the films listed below ARE HAND CUT.

Standard A3 film measuring 11.75" X 16.5",  13" X 17.75", 13" X 19" and  A3 + 13" X 21" (2 extra inches for a tail) or 17" X 23.5" this size of film is perfectly cut for those 16" X 20" images and the extra lengths above is for a tail on the film.
Larger sizes are available for example, 23.5" X 100 feet.  

Please be patient as we try to fulfill these orders.

Sold in 20 sheet Multiples, 50 Sheet multiples, and 100 Sheet multiples..

We offer smaller start up packages  as we want you to try our sheets before you commit to a 100 sheet package. 

20 Sheets Hot Peel Film @A3 size is $35.


Please be advised that  the shipping on this product is NOT calculating correctly. A second transaction may be needed to cover shipping cost. We are working to solve this problem.

Press for 10-15 seconds with medium to heavy pressure and peel in 15 - 20 seconds or longer if needed. 

Again, there's no need for a 2nd press unless you have a cheapo heat press.

You'll have to dial in your settings to master the film.

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