LEP 17 inch 10 Channel Printer

LEP 17 inch 10 Channel Printer

Buyer alert, we’ve sold 12 of these units this past weekend and we are soon to be OUT-OF-STIOCK!

The most powerful & intelligent DTF printer in the 17-inch line up of any DTF printers.

The LEP 10-channel Printer is packed with a powerful 10-channel print head, 360 nozzles, utilization of ink configuration of CMYK+WW+ and or Florescent line up of colors, Green, Pink, Yellow, Red.

Perhaps you'd just like to print CMYK + WW and save 4 channels for options in the future.

A powerful pump pushes the ink through the lines and the printhead. This is a huge benefit over the Epson 8-channel 17-inch printers that have 180 nozzle print heads but lack the pump assembly.

This unit competes and even out performs any Chinese printer in the 17 inch to 24 inch printers. After all, this printer is our 24 inch 10 channels printers. Look at the price of those units and this is the smaller printer.

This printer has the ability to rearrange a print head or if you lose a channel to a clog, you can turn off that channel and activate a reserved channel. This is what makes this printer so amazing. The ability to add or turn off channels in the print head is surely a game changer.


    • Training is provided at our Boston training center. Buyer is responsible for their own travel arrangements. 

    • 1-day of on-site training is available at your location if the Airfare or car rental is provided to our staff by the buyer. This is an additional $1500.00 fee and our schedule may or may not have an opening. Bro Earnest or staff will only travel to legal recreational and medical cannabis states. Your state must approve MA medical Cannabis cards.

  • $5,000.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit by wire. The balance must be paid prior to the printer and supplies leaving or cash handed immediately upon arrival before items are unloaded. For wire use Zelle $LiveEventPrinting

  • all sales are final and there are no refunds
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