DTF PRINTER 30 day replacement warranty (print head not included)

 Vastex D1000 Dryer 


RIP ACRO RIP download
Roland 64" Eco Solvent Printer,
Delivery and Installation $500.00


1020.00 balance not including transaction fees related to payments or costs associated with the transaction, this is unknown until settlement of funds. 

Total Price $23,000.00 plus associated processing fees.

Down payment made $2,850.00 made.

Credit card payment of $19,150.00  balance of $1020.00 to be paid over 60 days. 1/3 down, 1/3 in 30 days, 1/3 60 days. 


Fees associated with billing and processing will be adjusted after settlement of funds and are to be collected within 30 days in 3 payments. 1 =  payment down the day of delivery, the balance between the next 60 days. 1 payment in 30 days, the next on the 60th day.


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